Lijst van veelgebruikte tools

My recommended tools for data journalism. Carefully selected and frequently used by myself. I categorized these tools in three phases of data journalism: Data finding, data cleaning and data visualisation.

Data finding


  • Write your own scraper in Ruby/Python or request data (read: pay someone to scrape).

Scraper (plugin)

  • Plugin for Chrome browser to scrape web pages to Google Spreadsheets


  • Find, play around and visualise data. Spreadsheet data in wikipedia form, uploaded by users. Also, a nice way to store your data.

Data cleaning


  • Transform documents to spreadsheets. Not perfect, but saves a lot of time.


  • Essential software for each data journalist.

Google Refine

  • Great tool for mass editting data. Not for calculations, but specifically data cleaning.

Mr. Data Converter

  • Transform data from one format to another: HTML, XML, JSON, MySQL, Ruby, PHP, Python.

Data visualisation


  • What colors do you need to use? ColowBrewer categorizes color scales in sequential, diverging and qualitative color schemes.


  • An extensive library for data visualisation. Keep in mind: a lot of programming.


  • Visualizes data from XML to Flash or HTML5 graphics.

Fusion Tables

  • Visualisation tool, especially for maps. Also for line, bar, pie graphs, scatter plots and network visualisations, but not great.

Fusion Tables Layer Wizard

  • Want to optimize your Fusion Tables map, this is the tool. Generates an HTML document.


  • Fast and easy networks visualisations

Google Charts

  • Easy and fast charts made with the Google Charts API. Through Google Spreadsheets (embeddable charts) or the Charts Playground (self-hosted)

Google Maps Style Wizard

  • Tool for styling a Google Map. Customize labels and colors.


  • Completely Javascript-based visualisation library.


  • Vector-based library for drawing graphics. Not easyily learned.

SHP Escape

  • Essential for converting SHP files to KML’s. You need Fusion Tables to make this work